Nepalese hand-knotted carpet - 200 knot
100% Tibetan Wool + Chinese Silk
4 feet x 6 feet / 1.21 m. x 1.82 m.
raised tiles - 10 colours

The Momento Mori carpet began with my photograph of a minature mosaic excavated by archaeologists from the Casa del Fauno, Pompeii now housed in the National Archaeological Museum, Naples. This delicate image of a skeleton was the feature mosaic of a Pompeian dining room floor. Serving as a momento mori - it reminded guests of their own mortality as they enjoyed the meal. The skeleton carries two Greek-style askoi / wine jugs.

The original mosaic's diminuative size (36" x 27.5") and delicate tesserae / tiles made it difficult to translate into a carpet. The final design, with its raised and worn-away treatment, was developed from successive layers of pattern and colour, then interpreted with precise detail by highly skilled Nepalese weavers.


LUNA painting LUNA detail LUNA view LUNA loom

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