Nepalese hand-knotted carpet - 150 knot
100% Tibetan Wool + Chinese Silk
4.5 ft. w. x 12.17 ft. l. / 1.37 m. x 3.71 m.

LIFEonMARS_02 grew out of images taken by NASA's Odyssey spacecraft mission to Mars. This image shows cascading dunes in the Rabe Crater. The false colours of the THEMIS (Thermal Emission Imaging System) camera, which are composed of a combination of visible and infrared wavelengths, show researchers colour temperatures on the surface.

The final hand-knotted and hand-dyed colours of the LIFEonMars_02 carpet show the dunes in muted tones and abrash textures that compliment the interior rooms of this project.

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