Nepalese hand-knotted carpet - 100 knot
100% Tibetan Wool + Chinese Silk
8' - 8" x 15' - 6" / 2.642 meters x 4.724 meters

The ANASAZI_01 design is based on the natural patterns of a rock-face cliff surrounding the "White House" at Canyon de Chelley National Monument in Arizona. Located on the sacred lands of the Navajo the site is a pueblo cliff-dwelling built a thousand years ago by the Anasazi (Ancient Ones).

The Ancestral Puebloans who incised their city into the rock face that soars above the canyon, were a Native American culture that lived in the Four Corners region of the United States.


The White House Cliff Dwelling ANASAZI_01 carpet ANASAZI carpet ANASAZI carpet installation view

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