Nepalese hand-knotted carpet - 150 knot
100% Tibetan Wool + Chinese Silk
3' - 9" w. x 8' - 2" l. / 1.19 m. x 2.50 m.

ADRIANA was created from the mosaic threshold border of a room (cubicula) in the Hospitalia (guesthouse) of Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli. The positive / negative geometry of its mound and star shapes layered with the textured effects of light and shadow are enhanced by the shimmering surface of the its silvery silk highlights.

The Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD) created the 250 acre villa as a retreat from Rome living and ruling the empire from there from 128 AD. The room from which this design was taken may have been occupied by Hadrian's personal Praetorian guard.

The design began with my photographic images of the room. Then, through a series of digital processes, colour was added and each pixel was edited to create an exact knot-by-knot pattern for the weavers to follow.


Villa Adriana ADRIANA mosaicADRIANA ADRIANA close up

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