BRONZINO Handmade is about celebrating the art of hand-knotted silk and wool carpets. The hallmarks of our carpet collection are contemporary design process combined with traditional technique and fine quality craftsmanship.

Each carpet is a creative canvas designed as an artwork. While many of the pieces are an exploration of my personal creative direction, experiences and interests, others are the result of a creative collaboration with clients.

These designs are my artistic interpretation of each individual - their interests, passions and way of life. The colour, style, size and placement of each carpet is tailored to the room where it will live. Our goal is to craft unique, expressive, heirloom pieces for the home.

BRONZINO emerged from SOMA STUDIO the residential building design and interiors practice I share with partner Andrew Fee. Our background in the fine arts and the art of building reflect in all aspects of our design. The enjoyment of working with materials and processes continues to inspire us, so it was natural that I would develop a passion for hand-knotted carpets.

From my first trip to Nepal I was struck by the complexity, beauty and humanity of the world of carpet making. In Kathmandu I found craftsmanship that kept an ancient art alive in a modern context - a multifaceted world of politics, religion and culture intertwined by the weaver's art. That was the beginning of BRONZINO.

My design process is a combination of photography, painting and digital graphic techniques, strongly influenced by art history, nature and science.

Today, we visualize the world in startling new ways. From macro and drone photography to satellite imaging we see our planet and the cosmos from a totally new perspective - one that has changed our perception of ourselves.

Through the Roman Collection I continue to develop my fascination with Italian culture and history. These carpets re-interpret the layers, textures and patterns of ancient walls, frescos and mosaics through a 21st century lens.

As a Canadian it is impossible not to acknowledge the power of landscape over our lives and imagination. The Landscape Collection uses image maps of Earth, Mars and the Moon weaving them into carpets that express the beauty of science and art through millions of hand-knotted threads of Tibetan Wool and Chinese Silk.

- Linda Corbett

- ANASAZI_01 Carpet / Linda Corbett _photo credit: Bruno Crescia

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